my day so far

I got up at 6 am. I ate some shredded wheats,got into some clean pajamas for school; only because we were raising money for the Nepal  earthquake.

I read some of my Ally Carter book; while listening to Hollyoaks. When mum got up I switched on the news . While they were eating I brushed my teeth. Once mum had got dressed and was ready to leave I hopped into the car with my guitar and school bag. As the engine started to hum I prepared for a pile of homework.

When I got into class I did some spelling and grammar. After that I got out my homework diary and my strawberry pencil. I could not wait to find out what we were doing. Maybe shapes or angles again, or tables maybe. I am getting brilliant at my 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 12 times tables. As I headed off I remembered that  we were doing co-ordinates.

After maths it was break time. We had a cake sale [I headed towards the biggest], it was so good!!! After I scoffed down the cake I sprinted outside , dying to hear gossip of my friends day. One of my friends are ill, so I had to play with another one of my freinds. We had a game of it . After the bell rang we headed inside for English.

In English we were put into pairs, I was stuck with an annoying boy  (But on the bright side of things he liked my mystery story). At the end of the lesson my mystery story was finished,  my main character had solved the mystery.

With my friend I entered the lunch hall. I had a roast dinner, it was roast beef. It was so delicious! For pudding it was low-fat yogurt , I chose peach flavour. After I finished up, my friend and I went outside and played Pepsi cola [where you see who can do a hand stand the longest, I won!!

When we went in after lunch, it was registration. Then I went to my guitar lesson and learnt happy birthday and twinkle twinkle little star. Then it was time for african drumming. In the drumming session  we learnt fish and chips.

Next, we did some work  on our Alp booklets with our partners. I was with my friend luckily. While we were working, our teacher gave us one cake , that was because there were some left from the cake sale . I had a mini roll, it was delicious . I wanted more cake but unfortunately  there were none left. Then, we  tidyied away the crumbs so we could get our things for home. I got my bag and guitar, Then I went home .

When I got home I tidied my room and then started my blog. And here I am.

Thank you for reading, see you soon.


Intro of me

Just going to bed. Had a very busy day. I went to school today . I really enjoyed my maths lesson.

After school I went to the cafe and had a sandwich and a lemonade.

I  am an arty person and I always take a challenge,  I can’t wait to get my challenge of homework, I will be tired by the end of the pile . Cant wait to have some fun after , rather than working all day long.